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CALENDAR 2 - 20 MARCH 2011

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Smoke & Mirrors Stole My Heart

By Elisabeth Easther - 16 Mar 2011Smoke & Mirrors Stole My HeartOh wow wow and wow. I saw Smoke & Mirrors last night, the award winning stage experience from Australia and even in the harsh light of day, I’m not sure superlatives will be enough to do it justice.

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Tooting Fruity and a Trip into Space

By Elisabeth Easther - 15 Mar 2011Tooting Fruity and a Trip into SpaceIt was another great weekend of culture for Theo and me. On Saturday we had the pleasure of seeing Passing Wind with Linsey Pollak a man who can make tuneful instruments out of anything – carrots, hoses, pipes, feather dusters. Add a clarinet reed - or indeed the top of a balloon which makes a fine double reed - blow and music is made. Simple as that. Just add air.

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Plenty more music, plenty more to see

By David Malacari - 14 Mar 2011We are right in the middle of the Festival and it will be over before we realise, so there's no time to lose. Already the critical and audience response has been very gratifying.

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The Perfect Double Feature

By Elisabeth Easther - 10 Mar 2011The Perfect Double FeatureLast night, March the 9th 2011, I took a wild trip and I still haven’t come down. In less than 3 hours I experienced two world-class performances from two outstanding performers, both at the top of their game. And I can’t wipe the smile off my face so am trying to avoid people in case I’m accused of skiting, smirking or showing off.

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NZ Herald Review: Live Live Cinema: Carnival of Souls

By - 7 Mar 2011"Being a wuss, I took along a cool, unflappable companion to this 1962 B-grade horror which screens with live music, live dialogue and live sound effects. But even her nerves of steel failed, and at one point we clutched each other and screamed like teenagers."

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