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CALENDAR 2 - 20 MARCH 2011

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Move Me

By Elisabeth Easther - 21 Mar 2011Move MeMy tastes, tendencies and preferences usually lead me to plays and musical performances, comedy too, and not just in this festival but in life in general.

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Smoke & Mirrors Stole My Heart

By Elisabeth Easther - 16 Mar 2011Smoke & Mirrors Stole My HeartOh wow wow and wow. I saw Smoke & Mirrors last night, the award winning stage experience from Australia and even in the harsh light of day, I’m not sure superlatives will be enough to do it justice.

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The Perfect Double Feature

By Elisabeth Easther - 10 Mar 2011The Perfect Double FeatureLast night, March the 9th 2011, I took a wild trip and I still haven’t come down. In less than 3 hours I experienced two world-class performances from two outstanding performers, both at the top of their game. And I can’t wipe the smile off my face so am trying to avoid people in case I’m accused of skiting, smirking or showing off.

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"Frog for dinner? Really?"

By Elisabeth Easther - 4 Mar 20111 commentI took my five year old son Theo to the acclaimed Thang Long Troupe's Vietnamese Water Puppets last night (March 3rd) and he's now a confirmed culture vulture.

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It's Begun!

By - 3 Mar 2011It's Begun! So it’s begun and Theo (5) and I (40) are as excited as can be. Since the Auckland Arts Festival published its program I’ve had more than a little time to peruse its pages. I’ve circled almost everything, then decided I needed to whittle it down a bit, and be a little more selective as there are only so many hours in the day!

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