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CALENDAR 2 - 20 MARCH 2011

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NBR Review: rapt

By - 18 Mar 2011"Douglas Wright’s latest work “rapt” opens with a lone male operating an industrial jackhammer. The intermittent sounds and vibrations throb throughout the theatre while three chairs slide backwards and forward across the stage."

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NZHerald Review: New Purple Forbidden City Orchestra

By - 18 Mar 2011"Take a trip 90 minutes down State Highway 1 and music-lovers can luxuriate in one of the country's finest music venues. On Wednesday, the acoustical heaven of the Gallagher Concert Chamber in Waikato University's Academy of Performing Arts proved a blissful setting for the visiting New Purple Forbidden City Orchestra."

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Marvellous Teamwork Animates a Cardboard Rat Race World

By - 17 Mar 2011"Apparently ‘gaff aff’ is Swiss slang, meaning something like “gape at the ape”. It partly sums up the role of the audience in this frantic, playful, portrayal – by Swiss duo, Martin Zimmermann and Dimitri de Perrot – of a man all but caged by the trappings of modern life."

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NZ Herald Review: rapt

By - 17 Mar 2011"When Douglas Wright sets his stage with a big grey wall, it's a wall with an enigmatic, palpable life of its own. If he furnishes his proceedings with a shiny white box on wheels, it is proscenium arch high and can spin like a dervish. When he specifies a therianthrop, that mythical man-with-an-eagle's head, then that eagle head becomes a veritable godhead, with an omnipotent gaze - and apocalyptic yellow shoes."

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NZ Herald Review: Gaff Aff

By - 17 Mar 2011"Gaff Aff is youthful urban Europe at its most creative, and its loud beats and cardboard, computer-game aesthetic will appeal mightily to a younger nightclub crowd as well as to typical festival patrons."

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