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CALENDAR 2 - 20 MARCH 2011

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Wed16 Mar 7.30pm 
Thu17 Mar 7.30pm 
Fri18 Mar 7.30pm 
Sat19 Mar 7.30pm 


Bruce Mason Centre


Premium Friend$60.00
A Res$57.50
A Res Friend$52.50
A Res Conc$52.50
A Res Group 10$52.50
B Res$47.50
B Res Conc$42.50


1 hr (no interval)
auckland arts festival

Gaff Aff

Zimmermann & de Perrot, Switzerland

Sorry this event has been and gone.


Is life turning with you or are you turned by life?

A high-octane, head-turning mix of theatrics, music, fine art, choreography and silent movie-style clowning comes together in the ingeniously funny world of acclaimed Swiss duo Zimmermann & de Perrot, described by The New York Times as "a precisely calibrated blend of mime, physical theatre and silent-movie-style comedy".

For the spun-out office worker (Zimmermann) at the centre of Gaff Aff, everything is in flux. He runs in rings, twists, turns and contorts his body in an effort to keep up, as the set transforms and reforms around him. The ground literally moves beneath his feet as the stage - two gigantic turntables, one inside the other - spins in multiple directions, according to the whims of de Perrot, who is both puppet master and DJ. De Perrot's musical soundscape, created live, fuels the ever-evolving chaos, sending Zimmermann's Everyman into a tailspin. With amazing feats of physical prowess, Zimmermann somehow manages to negotiate the weird world he inhabits.

PHOTOGRAPH: Mario del Curto

Production: Zimmermann & de Perrot co-commission with Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne, le Merlan, Scène nationale à Marseille, Theater Chur. Supported by City of Zurich-department of cultural affaires, Canton of Zurich-Service of cultural affaires, Migros Culture Percentage, Sophie und Karl Binding Foundation, Ernst Göhner Foundation and SSA-Swiss Society of Authors.

With support from

Pro Helvetia


"entertaining, funny and novel throughout…fascinating to listen to and to watch"

- Sydney Morning Herald (AUS)


"I was really, really impressed.  They are real innovators in my view."

- Mikhail Baryshnikov