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CALENDAR 2 - 20 MARCH 2011

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White Night at Artis Gallery

There exists a photograph from the 1950's, of the British painter John Blackburn sand painting at Takapuna beach: a telling image, suggestive of a man whose approach to life is pragmatic and elemental. It was whilst living in New Zealand during that period that Blackburn started to find his true direction as an artist; his first abstract paintings were made in Devonport towards the end of the decade, and he now exhibits in London's Mayfair.  The return visits he makes to New Zealand each summer with his wife Maude - herself a New Zealander - are, for both personal and artistic reasons, 'a kind of homecoming'. Blackburn's 2011 exhibition at Artis Gallery was painted in Mount Maunganui.

12 March, 6pm - midnight.

Artis Gallery, 280 Parnell Road

Image courtesy of Artis gallery: John Blackburn, White with Green