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CALENDAR 2 - 20 MARCH 2011

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Fri4 Mar 8pm MT 
Sat5 Mar 8pm MT 
Sun20 Mar 7pm TC 


Mercury Theatre (MT) & The Civic (TC)


A Res$52.50
A Res Friend$47.50
A Res Conc$47.50
A Res Group 10$47.50
B Res$42.50
B Res Conc$37.50


1 hr 30 mins (no interval)
auckland arts festival

Live Live Cinema: Carnival of Souls

Leon Radojkovic, NZ

Sorry this event has been and gone.


Herk Harvey's Carnival of Souls (1962) is the best film you've never seen and what better way to see it than with an entirely new, totally live soundtrack.  An original score, composed by musical madman Leon Radojkovic, is performed live as the film plays, and a company of actors and a Foley artist add dialogue and sound effects - under the direction of Oliver Driver.

Live Cinema - Live Theatre - Live Music - Live Sound Effects. A Cult Classic.

Praised for its stunning cinematography and dreamy surreal atmosphere, Carnival of Souls is the best film you've never seen and what better way to see it than with an entirely new, totally live soundtrack.

In this unforgettable production, Herk Harvey's stunning black and white horror film Carnival of Souls is given a fully re-imagined soundtrack composed by musical madman Leon Radojkovic and performed by members of Dr Colossus, while brilliant actors including Chelsie Preston Crayford (Home By Christmas) and Cameron Rhodes breathe new life into the characters, and one daring Foley artist re-creates every sound effect, all live on stage, directed by theatrical troublemaker, Oliver Driver.

Mary Henry is beautiful and vivacious. Having improbably survived a car wreck she moves to a small town in Utah to begin her new job as a church organist. But something is wrong in middle America. Who is the man that follows her days and haunts her nights? What is it that draws her to the old deserted pavilion by the highway, and most of all, when will this nightmare end?

This is a must-attend, multi-dimensional Festival extravaganza performed at two of Auckland's classic theatres - The Mercury and The Civic.

PHOTOGRAPH: Hans Edward Hammonds

Co-commissioned by Auckland Arts Festival and Christchurch Arts Festival in association with Jumpboard Productions

With support from

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"...get as close to the stage as you can, to watch the live performers, as well as the undead ones on screen. Exhilarating."

- NZHerald, read the full review here


"A true original, Herk Harvey's unique and haunting cine-anomaly could be the hypnotic offspring of a shadowy affair between Bergman and Cocteau."

- Ant Timpson, Incredibly Strange Film Festival


"[Leon Radojkovic's] arrangements … are just madly sophisticated, nutty and exciting"

- Neil Finn


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