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CALENDAR 2 - 20 MARCH 2011

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Very Personal and Deeply Moving Tales Shine in Sombre Tones

By - 4 Mar 2011
"When so much we see at the moment is in some way fake, the honesty of this show is truly striking. Silver Stars is an incredibly emotive piece that pulls on a breadth of human emotion as it tells its story. It lays bare the stories of struggle, loss, defiance, acceptance and love in a sombre yet highly charged song-cycle."

Reviewed by Craig Wilson, 4 Mar 2011
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"The wonderful venue of the Auckland town hall concert chamber welcomes its guests with an almost empty stage flanked excitingly with a trio of cellists to one side and an array of instruments to the other, played by the song writer Sean Millar. After a short introduction this scene is slowly and slightly ominously filled with ten gay Irish men who are quite intentionally striking in the ordinariness of their appearance; you will find no gay stereotypes on this stage.

This highly polished choir embarks on a song cycle consisting of eight songs depicting the hardships and joys of being gay over the last 20 years in a heavily religious yet evolving Ireland. While mostly sombre in nature, the songs are utterly enthralling and succeed brilliantly in translating the emotion of the stories to the audience. More than once the hair on the back of my neck was standing up at the intense electrical emotion created in this space.

Each song is associated with a man's name, eloquently bringing to mind the fact that these are real stories collected by songwriter Sean Millar. These stories resonate through the cast which was chosen in an audition where no previous performance history was required. It is astounding, due to the quality of their performance, that for the majority of this group of 39-65 year olds their debut on stage was the opening night of this show in 2008.

Directors Feidum Cannon and Gary Keegan show us, with great skill and craft, that - with simple yet astute lighting and precise and intentional stage direction - one of the most poignant and emotive back-drops can be the human form itself. Through clever timing and positioning of the cast combined with an acknowledgement of the physicality of its members, an engaging texture is created on stage without ever taking the focus off the performers themselves.

This beautifully crafted show is a truly wonderful experience. I am left feeling honoured to have been presented with these very personal and deeply moving tales."

Auckland Arts Festival 2011
Silver Stars
Brokentalkers (Ireland)

at Concert Chamber - Town Hall, THE EDGE, Auckland
From 2 Mar 2011 to 5 Mar 2011


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