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CALENDAR 2 - 20 MARCH 2011

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It's Begun!

By - 3 Mar 2011
So it’s begun and Theo (5) and I (40) are as excited as can be. Since the Auckland Arts Festival published its program I’ve had more than a little time to peruse its pages. I’ve circled almost everything, then decided I needed to whittle it down a bit, and be a little more selective as there are only so many hours in the day!

...But I'm a glutton for culture so, tonight I'll be going to Massive Company's Havoc in the Garden. A tale of families forced to confront some unpleasant truths. Written by the outstandingly talented British writer, Lennie James this is an exciting collaboration. Massive Company under Sam Scott's talented directorship has produced some of New Zealand's finest actors including Madeleine Sami, a performer I hold in the highest esteem.

And tomorrow, Theo and I will see the long awaited Vietnamese Water Puppets. Theo is not only excited to have a legitimate reason to stay up past his bedtime, he's also certain he'll need to bring his goggles to this watery spectacle in the midst of Aotea Square. I've tried to explain we wont be getting in the water, but he's adamant he'll be ready if he's called on to participate in any way So we'll report back on Friday after the puppets. Theo's attention span has been made ever more elastic since starting school and he's going through a very effusive phase too, everything is the best in the world. He has declared the NZ Symphony Orchestra's rendition of the theme from Star Wars to be the most amazing in the universe before even hearing it, the Vietnamese Water Puppets will be the most best underwater puppet show of all time. And as for Passing Wind, where Linsey Pollak makes musical instruments out of a range of quirky materials, vegetable, mineral, possibly even animal - well anything with a whiff of a fart joke is a sure way to win a young man's heart - parp!

I'm also beside myself with excitement at the thought of seeing Martha Wainright. Although I hear she's selling fast, so I may have to content myself with standing at the back of the Town Hall, or even outside to listen through the walls. I'm a huge fan of Martha's entire musical family. Her dad Loudon, brother Rufus and the late Kate, Rufus and Martha's amazing mother. I'd really like to meet Martha but I suspect I'd just say "goodness but I love you". And she'd say "thank you" and I'd say "you're welcome" and that would be that.

And when I heard the news that Martha's brother Rufus has just had a child in a big old blended family situation, with Leonard Cohen's daughter Lorca - I realised there was hope for the world yet and in 20 years time, the spawn of Wainwright Cohen could well visit Auckland to play in the Spiegeltent. You can guarantee that I'd be there with bells on!


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