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CALENDAR 2 - 20 MARCH 2011

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NZ Herald Review: Smoke & Mirrors

By - 5 Mar 2011"Director Craig Ilot describes the slick and polished Smoke & Mirrors as a "concept album for the stage". The show's eclectic troupe mix suggests the concept must be, what happens when you follow a white rabbit playing a ukulele, and end up in a glam rock cabaret presented as a 19th century circus?"

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NZ Herald Review: Loin...(Far...)

By - 4 Mar 2011"French dancer-choreographer Rachid Ouramdane's multimedia performance installation Loin ... (Far ... ) is a very personal meditation on the nature of identity and the ways in which it is shaped by violence, aggression, war, politics, destruction, and by the legacies of the past we carry with us, especially in our bodies."

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Majesty and Madness in Wonderland

By - 4 Mar 2011"Your ticket to Smoke and Mirrors doesn’t just let you in to the Festival’s Spiegeltent; it takes you on a journey to the soulful, spectacular, and sometimes seedy side of the circus. And it’s a hell of a trip!"

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Very Personal and Deeply Moving Tales Shine in Sombre Tones

By - 4 Mar 2011"When so much we see at the moment is in some way fake, the honesty of this show is truly striking. Silver Stars is an incredibly emotive piece that pulls on a breadth of human emotion as it tells its story. It lays bare the stories of struggle, loss, defiance, acceptance and love in a sombre yet highly charged song-cycle."

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Trelise Handels it

By - 3 Mar 2011"There is nothing quite like a live performance, in a beautiful venue, with talented performers and glorious costumes. Nothing. It’s enough to make you pledge to get out more, and go to more things, even things you know nothing about, because the experience of being part of an audience when the cast and crew and musicians are getting it right – well, it can’t be beaten."

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