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CALENDAR 2 - 20 MARCH 2011

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NZ Herald Review: Paul Kelly A-Z

By - 17 Mar 2011"Paul Kelly has been here many times before. Usually, he's popped across the Tasman with a musician or four behind him, playing to an audience who mostly discovered the singer-songwriter sometime in the 80s through albums which married the vivid storytelling of his lyrics to spare band arrangements mixing rock, country, folk and lots of guitar."

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NZ Herald Review: Spirit of India - Shehnai & Flute

By - 17 Mar 2011"Rajendra Prasanna comes from generations of Indian master musicians. On Tuesday, thanks to him and his three colleagues, a rapt audience fell under the spell of a music in which time itself seemed almost to stand still."

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NZ Herald Review: Live Live Cinema: Carnival of Souls

By - 7 Mar 2011"Being a wuss, I took along a cool, unflappable companion to this 1962 B-grade horror which screens with live music, live dialogue and live sound effects. But even her nerves of steel failed, and at one point we clutched each other and screamed like teenagers."

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Vietnamese Water Puppets Reviewed by Thread

By - 6 Mar 2011"Vietnamese Water Puppets or ‘how to introduce your kids to the Auckland Arts Festival.’"

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NZ Herald Review: Silver Stars at Auckland Town Hall

By - 5 Mar 2011"Among the more unusual festival offerings is an Irish community theatre project that testifies to the extraordinary spiritual quality that seems to emerge whenever ordinary folk come together to sing."

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